When we're not out killing animals in our backyard and rending them with our bare teeth for additional, bloody protein, we're out hunting personal records in the gym, on the platform, and out back with the big rocks no one else can hoist.  Every now and again, though, we go to the well and find nothing there- our reserves have been tapped from a long day of being awesome and we need a little supplemental insanity to inspire us to the greatness we exhibit every day.  That's nothing new- hunters have used since time immemorial to reduce reaction time, increase strength, and improve performance.  


This is why Chaos and Pain has created Cannibal Ferox- they like to exhibit the ferocity the name "Ferox" indicates, and even when we feel good we like to be even more dangerous in the gym.  As such, they jammed their top pre-workout supplement drink Cannibal Ferox with:


• the maximum legal amounts of caffeine and yohimbine HCL, then added higenaminehordenineacacia rigidula, and synephrine, to provide an the amount of sustainable energy that can only be descibed as "f*cking FIERCE".  

• enough nootropics to this blend to make you feel like Einstein after he fell face first into a coca plant.  Noopept and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine act synergistically to increase mental focus, decrease reaction time, and generally supercharge your brain.  

• betaine anhydrous and creatine to increase power output and workout duration.

• citrulline malateatragalus, and panax notoginseng to provide brutal pumps and ridiculous vascularity.

• bioperine to dramatically increase the absorption rate and duration of higenamine and hordenine.


Cannibal Ferox will literally make you as lethal as you'll feel after taking it.


Before you get started on the directions… We entrusting you with Chaos and Pain's most feral baby, and you should feel honored. As you open the lid, bear in mind you should use common sense when ingesting this product, as it contains stimulants that can have harmful side effects when ingested in large quantities, and you're looking at serious quantities of stimulants.  Referred to by one Examine.com contributor as "dangerous and irresponsible", Cannibal Ferox is guaranteed to be the top of the top best pre workout supplements you've ever tried, provided you love stimulants.



• We packed this thing with every legal stimulant and nootropic we could find, making it perfect for anything ranging from picking things up and putting them down, smashing through all-night study sessions, or just getting through a workday with a hangover.

• So you're ready to chew through a barbell when you hit the gym, drop 1 heaping scoop of Ferox into whatever liquid you so desire. 

• Don't take this stuff within 6 hours of bedtime, unless you like staring at the ceiling instead of counting sheep.

• Unless you want to recreate the Alien birth scene with your heart playing the role of a xenomorph chestburster, NEVER exceed 2 scoops in 24 hrs.

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Cannibal Ferox Stim Pre-workout

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